History of The Haunted Mansion

The Haunted Mansion is perhaps the most iconic ride at Disneyland.  A ride that almost didn’t happen, and certainly didn’t happen the way it was planned.  Sit back, foolish mortals, as we take you through …

The History of The Haunted Mansion

But first …

We start the show off with Bev admitting she doesn’t know who the Swedish Chef is.  Then we get to talking about which artist could – and should –  take over the Aerosmith ride at WDW.

It’s SpectroTime again, as we talk to Jeremy from SpectroRadio about the music of The Haunted Mansion.

We celebrate Terrence’s acceptance into the second round of the Disney Mom’s Panel, and then we jump into the history of the Haunted Mansion!

Then it’s time for the Fact of the Show, and the close of the show!

See you in the parks!

"Look, a line of Ghostmobiles!"
“Look, a line of Ghostmobiles!”







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