The History of Disney California Adventure

Disney California Adventure is one of the more polarizing topics for Disney geeks.  Some hate it, some love it, and other still really don’t care either way.  Terrence digs in and gives us …

The History of Disney California Adventure

Angry Bekah is in the studio again to make sure that Terrence doesn’t mess anything up.   She tries to fight her nickname of “angry”, but then caves to peer pressure and finally accepts who she is.

Dan (AKA Mousebrew) is back to talk about some new drinks over in DCA that have been added due to the Frozen overlays peppered throughout the park.  The overall consensus is: stick to beer.

Then we jump into some feedback from Larry, and segue into Terrence and his History of Disney California Adventure show!  Terrence covers a lot of things here – how the park looked when it opened, what has changed since that fateful opening day, and how it looks now.  It’s a pretty good example of how over-thinking a theme park can really be a bad thing sometimes.  Considering how many restaurants there were on opening day …

Our friend and audio master Charlie (AKA PushEject – who makes really awesome videos with his kids, BTW) was up from LA, and chimed in, too.  We never really introduced him in this show, so when you hear an mystery voice … that’s our pal Push!

Then we close the show with more odd stories of Terrence’s eating habits in the parks and how he chased a young lady down for a bit of her turkey leg, and we get to the Fact of the Show.

Also, Jason lost the video for this show, sorry about that!

See you in the parks!



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