The History of Frontierland

Frontierland seems to be the one section of Disneyland that has undergone the most change since opening day.  Our ongoing series of digging into the various lands of the park continues with …

The History of Frontierland

It’s no secret that Disneyland is always in constant flux.  Rides and attractions coming, going, and getting new life breathed into them, always trying to capture the imagination of it’s guests.  Diving into the history of Frontierland, you get a sense of real change within the park.  Almost as if Frontierland was this weird idea that never really set right in Walt’s mind.  That’s what we thought, anyway. Check out our runthrough of the history of Frontierland – including the Indian Village, the Frito Kid, and back-scratching bears!

Thinking about Frontierland? The Mark Twain and the Rivers of America are not something we generally think of … are we crazy?



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