The History of Captain EO

Not many things about Disneyland have made us cry out in pain nearly as much as the removal of our beloved Captain EO. Sure, it’s not perfect, but what is? Today, among other things, Terrence takes us through …

The History of Captain EO

But first …

Jason finally completes the long overdue Animated Classics review of Fun and Fancy Free, and nobody can believe it. We announce a new show coming out on our channel called “Sabers and Superpowers”, which is hosted by Anthony (AKA Kanye) and is all about the Marvel and Star Wars Universes. After that … Feedback, Taren’s Thinks, and a great segment with Jeremy from SpectroRadio!

Then, Terrence goes into the history of Captain EO. Which isn’t super long, but informative nonetheless. Bev drops some background on another Main Street Window, we do some Disney News, a Fact of the Show, and we gone.

See you in the Parks!




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