History of Adventureland

Adventureland remains one of the least refurbished lands in Disneyland today, but still has quite a bit of history to uncover.  Join us as Terrence runs us through the …

History of Adventureland

But first, we talk about all of the  cool things have happened over our Christmas break – like Terrence taking a family trip to Disneyland, and Taren and Jason both getting some new Disneyland shoes for those long park days.

Terrence starts off his rundown of his trip by admitting that he had mis-judged Fantasyland, and after watching all of the movies that are represented there before his trip, he is now a huge fan of that section of the park.

We do our usual banter about random things, and Jason comes up with another million-dollar idea.  Well, it’s an idea, anyway.

Then we move into the history of Adventureland.  Terrence hates Adventureland, so he decided to take this show and see if learning more about the history would make him appreciate it a bit more.   We also tease him a bit, because he dressed his kid up as Prince.  Terrence says the costume is really Captain Hook, but we know better.

Captain Hook or The Purple One? You judge …



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