Food Options in Disneyland

 Check out some of the different food options in Disneyland you never knew existed

We all need to eat while traipsing through the park, right?  If you are anything like us, your hunger varies – sometimes you want fast, and sometimes you want a nice sit-down meal.  On show number 9, we break down some of the food options in Disneyland, and give you our calls on the best ones,  based off of things like where to go for Breakfast, Fast and Cheap options, Dining Experience, and more.

Not to mention our Tip of the Show is just for all of you Churro fans out there … you won’t want to miss this!

eating on the wharf
Catching a break at the Wharf in DCA …

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  1. Laughing hysterically at Greg’s map comment – I concur! But you’ve probably added one since then XD.

    One day you guys will get the “Rancho del Zocalo Restaurante” name right.

    Love Character Dining – I don’t have kids, but it’s the best way to meet the characters ^.^ Storytellers and Plaza Inn are the best CDs – used to be Goofy’s Kitchen, but with their latest update they have limited the characters that are there.

    We went to ESPN last time we were there (because it was the only place open past 11 on a Monday) and I was surprised. The portions were quite hefty — I don’t think I dented the nachos at all. And the TVs had a good range of sports so I got to watch Hockey XD

    Last thing — because this comment is waaay too long. We went on a family trip in 2015 and my sister has some allergies which we were worried about. Just like Terrence said, no problem at all. The chefs would come out and walk her through the buffets or menu options. If anyone had an issues, it wasn’t her but was the picky eater in our group XD.

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