Floyd Norman: An Animated Life

The Disney Classics are … classics, and with good reason: they had superbly talented people undertaking huge and complicated projects for years on end, culminating in stories and films that are still relevant today.  On this show, we talk to the filmmakers of a documentary about one such man who was at the forefront of these classic films …

Floyd Norman: An Animated Life

But first …

Nothing – we get right to it with filmmakers Michael Fiore and Erik Sharkey talking about their new film, “Floyd Norman: An Animated Life.  We loved this film, and both Michael and Erik did a great job getting some great stories out of Floyd in the movie – which didn’t seem to involve too much coaxing.  Floyd is a very interesting guy with a massive amount of work to his credit, much of it on animated classics that helped to shape the field.

To coincide with the movie release on Blu-Ray, Michael and Erik are having a contest called, “Floydering with Floyd”, and all you have to do is the following:

  • Buy a copy of the Blu-Ray
  • Snap a photo of you with the film
  • Post it on social media with the hashtag “#Floydering”

That’s it!  Anyway, thanks to the guys for coming on and talking with us about our new crush!

Speaking of crushes, we have Jeremy from SpectroRadio on again to give us some more history of Disney music, then we do our feedback segment, Fact of the Show, and we are done!

See you in the Parks!


Courtesy of Michael Fiore Films



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