Our Favorite Disney Movies Of All Time

We talk a lot about our favorite Disney things: rides, characters, food … but we rarely talk about films.  today we correct this mistake as we take you through  …

Our Favorite Disney Movies (of all time)

But first …

We have some new t-shirt designs up on our TeePublic site, so go check those things out.  Of course, since nobody has an original ideas at all ever, we have to chat about another round of stolen Churro and Turkey Leg shirt designs.  This is the second wave of emails we have had to send to various retailers that have literally stolen our designs – including some gal on Etsy!  You think of Etsy as some site where everyone is cool and respectful, but sheesh …

Feedback is up next, and we talk about a lot of random stuff in here.  More than usual.

Then we dive into our two favorite Disney movies of all time!  Why two?  Because picking just one is very, very hard, and admittedly we haven’t seen them all (sorry “Hercules”) so we are just trying to be fair.

Disney News, then the Fact of the Show, and we are done.

See you in the Parks!


5 Replies to “Our Favorite Disney Movies Of All Time

  1. Hercules is actually pretty funny (especially if you like Greek myth)! “Somebody call IX-I-I!” There’s a lot of gods/goddesses in the background that can be identified, but don’t have lines or a real role.

  2. I know you only picked 2 films… but how do any of you forget about Pinocchio and 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea… both monumental leaps in art work and technology for the time period.. Love the show!

    1. You do make a good point. For us, I believe that we were strictly looking at films that are nostalgic for us. While some of our pics may not be far cries from their predecessors as far as technology is concerned, these movies are ones that we still enjoy watching in our adult years.

  3. “Mary Poppins” and “Something Wicked This Way Comes” are nice choices. I might have gone “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” and “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.”

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