Exclusive: Inside the New Club 33

Being Disneyland fans, you probably have seen photos of the outside of the newly refurbished Club 33 (and have seen the backlash of a poorly designed area of the park), but the only interior shots we have seen are those taken from street-level, looking up into the huge windows.  We were lucky enough to grab three photos of the new club from the inside, giving you a preview of things to come.

Here is a shot of the new expansion, where members can bask in the glow of New Orleans-themed dining and music.  There are some cool animatronics in here, including stained glass that moves, instruments that play themselves, and a painting of some jazz musicians that fade in and out of the scene – this is all meant to invoke the spirit of Jazz in Club 33.   The giant piano is a real gem – it’s a working piano that has a system inside of it, allowing it to play music from any concert around the world … live!  Notice I said “play”.  Keys strike the strings and the piano is literally played, albeit by a computer program.  Granted, the concert that is being streamed would have to have the broadcasting software to push the music to Anaheim, but still … the tech is pretty awesome. The flooring looks like a poorly-installed Pergo from this shot, and kind of off-sets the vibe, yeah?

The $200,000 real piano that can stream live concerts from anywhere in the world!

And here we have what used to be the original and only dining room in Club 33.  For those of you who have been there before, this room will look very different.  Gone is that nice hardwood flooring, and it seems like there is no more elegant drapery, though they are still dressing the room and that may change. Honestly, it looks more like an upscale cafeteria than a super-exclusive club, but what do we know?

The original dining room after the refurb

UPDATE: here is another shot from the opposite view, showing a bit more of the decor

Maybe once the tables are dressed they will look more elegant …

Last but not least, the Turkey Vulture.  This was one of Walt’s visions left over from the Trophy Room – an animatronic Turkey Vulture that would interact with guests as they dined.  While this never really worked in the past, the original bird was saved and refurbished, and will be perched high above, watching you eat and hopefully moving around!


I’m watching …

UPDATE: Another view of the vulture, with hoses running from the back.

Hi … you gonna eat that?


We know it’s only 3 photos, but what do you think: Is all the hullabaloo about Disney losing their vision for Club 33 accurate?


6 Replies to “Exclusive: Inside the New Club 33

  1. While I have never dined at Club 33, these “renovations” have taken a lot away. The nostalgist in me is deeply saddened by it all. More of Walt’s legacy lost.

    1. You are being way too dramatic, especially since you have never actually been in the place. Disneyland is not supposed to be a museum. As long as they leave some reminders of the past, that is all we can hope for. Did you not see the refurbished turkey vulture? That is an example of persevering the past.

  2. some things should remain untouched…this being one of them. Having dined there or not, is beside the point. What’s next, Walt’s apartment above the fire house?

  3. Actually it was never what Walt wanted exactly. This I am supposed to be closer to it. So don’t say his legacy gone

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