Easter Eggs in Disney Films

Sometimes, when you watch a Disney film, you catch a glimpse of something familiar in the background. These little easter eggs are everywhere in Disney movies, and today we talk about some that we have found and where you can find them, too!  So grab your popcorn and relax as we talk about …

Easter Eggs in Disney Films

But first …

We start the show thanking all of our Patreon Supporters for their donations over the last few months.  In addition to helping us pay the bills around here, we were able to finally buy Jason a new mixer!  No more knob-turning for this host!

We get so caught up in that, we forget about bringing on Jeremy from SpectroRadio as our guest host for this show, as Terrence is off doing family stuff.

Feedback happens, then it’s time for SpectroTime with Jeremy as we talk about the Firehouse Five Plus Two.

Bev and Taren run us through some Easter Eggs in Disney Films and at Disneyland, just for good measure. Then it’s time for the Fact of the Show (which Jeremy ruined!) and then we gone.

See you in the Parks!

Easter Eggs abound in Disneyland!



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