The EarzUp Movie Rundown

With so many new movies coming out under the Disney umbrella of companies within the next couple of years, we needed some sort of guiding light.  Terrence jumps in to give us our very own …

EarzUp Movie Rundown

But first …

Taren inadvertently creates a new segment we are going to call “Tarens Thinks”.  Mainly because she is very curious and likes to wonder things aloud.  To our benefit.

We then jump right in with Terrence and his EarzUp Movie Rundown!  We go over the plot lines for many of the films being released through 2016, like AntMan, Inside Out, and more.   Of course, we have no idea when it comes to the “second-tier” Marvel heroes, so Jason called his nephew Anthony (who, among other things, is into Cosplay) and he gives us a very brief intro class into the point of releasing AntMan as a full-length film.

We still don’t get it.

Then it’s Disney News time!

See you in the parks!



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