The EarzUp Christmas Show

We never really thought about doing a Christmas show.  There are plenty of podcasts that do them, and we don’t get to the parks during the holidays enough to have a solid report or opinion.  But then our friend Jeremy at SpectroRadio suggested we give it a shot and so we did.  Here now, is the first ever …

EarzUp Christmas Show

But first …

It’s very clear that this is our second – and last – early morning show.  Between the weird laugh that Jason has, to the long rambling conversations about donuts, this show has a hard time getting going … but it does.  Eventually.

We explore the complex world of the EarzUp podcast podcast, if it were to ever happen.  Then after a few more random rants, Taren takes us through the history of the NBC overlay on the  Haunted Mansion.

After, we presented ourselves with a challenge – to craft a Christmas overlay for an existing ride.  Not that we need more overlays in Disneyland, but it was a fun exercise.

Then we speak with Mickey Clause to give him our Christmas lists, Terrence/Conrad/Steve tells us about another window on Main Street, Jason hits the Fact of the Show, and we are out!


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