EarzUp! Breaks Into Disney Research

Disney is always on the cutting edge of technology – from the tubular steel tracks of the Matterhorn to the marvel that is Audio Animatronics.  Today we take some of their more advanced research and create our own rides.  Join us as …

EarzUp! Breaks Into Disney Research

But first …

We start the show out by calling Bev, since she was out sick for the show and we don’t like that.  Feedback happens, then we have our old friend Matt Staley on the line to grade our ride ideas.

Using our brand new phoneline, we call Jeremy from SpectroRadio to tell us about the Food and Wine fest going on over at DCA this weekend. Even though he’s an East Coast guy, he happened to be in the Parks and was more than happy (we are sure) to talk with us about this cool event.

Disney News, Fact of the Show, and that’s it.

See you in the Parks!




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