The EarzUp! 2017 Year in Review

Today’s show is all about the past. Which, we suppose, is not that rare for a show about Disneyland, but at least it’s dealing with the recent past: 2017! Terrence, Taren, Jason, and our special guest Jeremy weigh in on the biggest events of 2017 for Disney, and what we hope to see in the new year.

See you in the Parks!



2 Replies to “The EarzUp! 2017 Year in Review

  1. I caught this episode(s) on utube, I assume it was split due to a technical glitch. I really enjoy listening to this podcast. It’s like sitting around talking (yes I, like many others, talk back to the podcast crew) with a group of friends. Sorry I missed the 100th episode, maybe next time. Mary

  2. Main street track has to be replaced every 8-10 years and the new strike zone is not a disney property so there not the ones spending the money.

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