Disney’s Celebration Florida!

Walt had many dreams, that’s for sure, but none manifested themselves quite like a small planned community out in Florida.  While the end result had little to do with Walt’s actual vision, he’s still considered the man behind …

Disney’s Celebration Florida

But first …

Terrence fills us in on his alter ego, and we have our very first look into Taren’s brain in our segment called “Taren’s Thinks”.   Where can it go from here?

We talk to our Canadian friend Blobber about our confusion in planning our Walt Disney World vacation, and all the strangeness about planning out each day 180 days in advance.   Blobber has been to WDW before, and Jason and Taren have not, so he does his best to set our minds at ease.

Then we jump into Disney’s Celebration Florida,  and the strangeness that is a Disney-esque planned community.  Celebration Florida is still around, although not in the same capacity as it once was, or even was planned to be.  Confused?  Terrence explains it far better than I.

Finally, we run through our Fact of the Show and say goodbye … 🙁

Until next time, we’ll see you in the parks!



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  1. I recently discovered your podcasts and have been thoroughly entertained each time I tune in. I am 33 and also a Disneyland enthusiast from Northern California. I find myself relating to you in so many ways as my Disneyland experiences have been so similar to yours. Most Disney podcasts come from the perspective of Los Angeles area resident whose park experiences are much different from those of us traveling in. I love the contents of each show, the banter and information provided. Keep it up!

    Disney World Advice from a Fellow Northern California: In 2012, my wife and I also went to Disneyworld on our honeymoon and had a blast. We just got back from another Disneyworld trip in June to celebrate our 3 year anniversary. This trip was much different from the first as we were fully immersed in the Magic Band experience. At first, the Magic Bands seem very intimidating but try to think about them as a bonus and you will have a great trip. Eat at Epcot as much as possible as the restaurants and snacks are amazing and the variety is plentiful. The one piece of advice I have is DEFINITELY GET PARK HOPPERS. I’ve heard some people advise against them but when my wife and I heard this BAD advice we were blown away! Each day park hours vary widely and for instance, Animal Kingdom closes at around 5PM. One of our favorite things to do is plan events in the day at one park, freshen up at the hotel and then return to another park for a nice dinner and new nighttime adventures at another park. The transportation systems are great and the park hopper will allow for a relaxing and fun filled experience! Have fun and I hope to see you in the park one day!

  2. re: Celebration FL. If you visit, please come see me. While I enjoyed your video – some points were so off it was humorous. You’d think I lived and sold in Stepford. (LOL). “I was just trying to get you a cup of coffee” I wish we had some of the things you mention. Come to Celebration FL and walk around the 7 miles of walking trails that I bike ride to get to the center of town. Its just a nice place to live because the HOA (unlike others) is active. I’m glad I came after the Disney Magic faded to reality. Its rather ridiculous, but I have to go to my gym class now otherwise the storm trooper will arrive and take me there. about Golden Oak where you live between Magic Kingdom and EPCOT.
    OMG, let me talk to you. Your view on life here is kinda sad. I have lived in L.A. Gloucester MA, and Newport RI – I venture out more here than I did there. I live here and sell here, I got a chuckle from your “observations.”

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