The Disneyland Yippie Riots


We’re back!  After over a month of being off the air due to our studio moving, the EarzUp! crew climb back onto the microphones for another show, and what a relief it was.

The show started off with a recap of all the blog posts and happenings going on over on our site while we’ve been away, like our recap of Disneyland Paris and exclusive photos of the then-secretive Club 33 revamp.  We get some great feedback from a listener called Melanie who told us about how both the EarzUp! crew and Dan over at @MouseBrew helped make a special day even more special.

After feedback, we break into the meat of the show: The Disneyland Yippie Riots of 1970.  If you haven’t heard of the Yippie Riots, it’s a fairly fascinating event in Disneyland history, and one that nobody at the parks likes talking about.  Essentially, 300 (or less) kids caused the park to shut down about 5 hours early, for only the second time in park history.

Disney News was up next, where we talk about some new Disney animation projects, some cool Disney Infinity announcements, Marvel’s adjustments to their Thor character, and Taren and Jason’s experience seeing the new-ish Disney film Maleficent.


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  1. I know I’m a little late in listening to this (just discovered this podcast and I am loving it), but I just wanted to say that Disneyland was also closed on 9/11. My cousin got married the day before at the Disneyland Hotel (Disneyland weddings are amazing, by the way). The next day was 9/11 and Disneyland was shut down for the day. With flights cancelled, we were still stranded in California the next day, but Disneyland was open that day (9/12) and we went because we still had days on our tickets and there was nowhere else we could go. There was NO ONE there. We have a picture of the California Adventure Paradise Pier boardwalk completely empty (crazy, considering that was the year DCA opened). We could just ride all of the rides over and over without exiting because there was nobody in line. It was definitely a surreal moment in Disneyland.

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