Disneyland Trip Recap & Disney News

A big part of being a Disneyland fan is getting great info on the parks, tips on making your stay that much better, and opinions on which Churro stand is faster.  Sometimes it’s nice to just sit back and listen to people review their trips as well, which is why we bring our  …

Disneyland Trip Review & Disney News

But first …

Taren runs through a massive amount of feedback we have gathered over the last few weeks, while Jason plays a sampling of his new passion – Greek Music!  Then we jump right in to the topic – our Disneyland trip review!

Bev, Taren, and Jason all went to the parks recently, and it was a pretty special trip for all of us.  We cover the cool Indiana Jones celebration that the Annual Passport program put on, as well as finally get our chance to experience Disneyland in the rain!

Then we play another game of Disney Trivia that Jason put together, and had three callers battle it out for a really cool prize – a pair of Covears!

Finally, we run through some Disney News and share some laughs.

Hope you enjoy the show, and we’ll see you in the parks!

The turnout to hear Tony Baxter talk about Indiana Jones!


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