When Disneyland is too busy

Despite the most recent attendance numbers for the Disney Resorts, our little park in Anaheim can still get packed.  We decided to play a game – what would we do if every ride was two hours long?  What is there to actually DO in Disneyland without going on any actual rides?  Here it is: our list of things we would do …

When Disneyland is too busy!

But first …

We chat about our 100th show we are recording live on November 11th, and all the cool stuff that will happen there.  Then we talk about Terrence’s most recent trip to the Parks where he rode the new Guardians of the Galaxy ride!  So we had to bring our former Imagineer pal Kyle back on to get his take on that ride as well.

It’s Feedback time, and then we talk with our good friend Jeremy from SpectroRadio on the music of the Carousel of Progress!

After, we start into the things we would do if Disneyland was packed.  At the end of it, we gave 30 things to do that are not rides but would still help you have a great time in Disneyland!

Then on to the Fact of the Show, and we gone.

See you in the Parks!

One of our favorite things to do when it’s busy in Disneyland … see a show at The Golden Horseshoe!

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