Disneyland Ticket Prices Increase …Again


Updated 5/20/14

It was announced this morning that across the board Disneyland ticket prices have increased. From parking, to single day, to annual passes, you can expect to give the mouse a few extra bucks if you plan to go to the parks in 2014. This isn’t really surprising, as this has been a yearly trend for some time, but these increases are really starting to affect our wallets and ability to take vacations to the parks, no? More surprising than the price changes, however, is another interesting change that the Disneyland Resort has made to one of it’s most popular annual passports.

The Southern California Annual Passport has officially been suspended. If you currently have one, or have one up for renewal in the next 90 days, you will be able to continue to use yours and will have the opportunity to renew–however, if you were planing on getting one this month, you will have no such luck. Sunday has become a particularly busy day at the parks partly because it is the only weekend day that the So Cal Passport is not generally blocked. Suzi Brown, A Disneyland Resort spokeswoman told the OC Register that the suspension of the pass was designed to “preserve the guest experience for annual pass holders and all guests”. According to Brown, the plan is to start selling the Souther California passes again once renewal rates return to a more manageable level.

Apart from a price boost, the other passes have remained unaffected–for now. Turns out, passport holders, that aside from a price boost, the option to buy an “AP Blockout Ticket” so that you can enter the park on a day when your pass is blocked out, is also no longer an option. Blockout ticket prices had been steadly increasing in price over the past couple years–from $59 in 2011 to $70 in 2012 to $84 in 2013–but now if you want to go to the park during your blockout day, be prepared to pay full price.  There is also some speculation that due to the popularity of the Deluxe and Premium Annual Passes, we may be looking at more passport suspensions in the future–but we’ll have to just wait and see.

For a park that has had numerous ride closures, refurbishments, and delays in the past year, these price increases seem to come without any perceived benefit resulting from the extra cash passholders have to lay out.  While we realize that it costs money to run a theme park, it is nice to see just what your money goes toward, and with Disney having over 1 million passports out in the Universe in 2013, that’s a lot of cash.

Take a look at the new regular admission and annual passport prices.

Disneyland Ticket Prices 2014

Disneyland Ticket Prices - AP 2014

Will you be making it to the parks this year? How do the Disneyland Ticket Prices affect your decision to vacation there?





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