Disneyland Social Clubs

Are you fan enough for Disneyland Social Clubs?

Join us as we interview Michael (aka “The Cap’n”) from Main Street Elite, which is one of many Disneyland Social Clubs – essentially groups of folks who love going to the park.  Maybe you have seen them walking about – they have Disney-related patches on their jackets and smiles on their faces.   Michael is the founder of Main Street Elites, and he was nice enough to take time to explain the whole idea of Disneyland Social Clubs to us, how he started his, and what the reaction has been like from guests as well as Cast Members at Disneyland.   The entire thing was fascinating to us and sort of restored our ideals of the Disneyland fan.  Meaning, you don’t have to have all the collectables, all the knowledge, or all the things in general.  All you need is a good group of friends and love for the parks, and the Elites have that, for sure.   It was a great interview, and we hope you think so, too.

Disneyland social clubs have become increasingly popular as of late, and we are just as interested in them as you are!

Plus we do some rumor follow up and let you know how you can make horrible hotel coffee at home.

Disneyland Social Clubs


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