Disneyland Ride Movies

Is Disneyland really the place of creativity and imagination we all think it is?  Join us as we talk about … 

Disneyland Ride Movies

Since the park opened, Disneyland has been a great example of creativity in theme parks.  The depth and variety of the rides and attractions changed the way theme parks were built and what crowds were expecting when spending their day there.

Have things changed?  Has the Disney brand lost their imagination?  It seems that every new movie or ride to come out at the parks or in the theaters has been based on a pre-existing park ride or an older Disney movie.  In today’s episode, we talk a bit about that trend and what can be done about it.  The amount of Disney ride movies  – and movies based on rides – may just turn Disneyland into a glorified Universal Studios.

Later in the show we follow the Disney path and try to come up with movies of our own based on rides or attractions in Disneyland – ones that have no movies to date – complete with titles, cast, and directors!

Then we catch up on some Disney news including the new Big Hero films set to come out, the huge jump in park attendance and talk about the Fact of the Show.


Disneyland rides movie
Come to Fantasyland – AKA Moveland!

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