Disneyland Ride Height Requirements

As a kid, nothing is more exciting than a family trip to Disneyland!  And, as a kid, nothing is more soul-crushing than scampering up to the Space Mountain queue only to find that you don’t meet the … 

Disneyland Ride Height Requirements

Parents, we have put this guide together for you, because we realize that you don’t want to hear your kid cry in anguish as they see all the bigger kids line up for Indiana Jones while they have to ride the Jungle Cruise for the 3rd time.  So get the scoop on what rides your little one can ride before heading to the park and hopefully you can avoid a level 4 meltdown on your next vacation.

The first thing to know is that not all rides have a height requirement.  This may sound obvious, but it’s important to understand how to plan your day at the park with little ones who can’t do everything.  We list out all of the rides and attractions in both Disneyland and DCA, including those that can accommodate any height.  So even if your little one isn’t a future basketball player, you guys can still have a magical time!

Ride Height Requirements in Disneyland:

Any height:  Alice in Wonderland, Astro Orbiter, Big Thunder Ranch, Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters, Casey Jr. Circus Train, Chip n’ Dale Treehouse, Davey Crockett’s Explorer Canoes, Disneyland Railroad, Donald’s Boat, Dumbo the Flying Elephant, Enchanted Tiki Room, Goofy’s Playhouse, Haunted Mansion, Innoventions, It’s a Small World, King Arthur Carousel, Mad Tea Party, The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, Mark Twain Riverboat, Mickey’s House, Minnie’s House, Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride, Peter Pan’s Flight, Pinocchio’s Daring Journey, Pirate’s Lair on Tom Sawyer Island, Pirates of the Caribbean, Roger Rabbit’s Cartoon Spin, Sailing Ship Columbia, Sleeping Beauty Castle Walkthrough, Snow White’s Scary Adventures, Storybook Land Canal Boats, and Tarzan’s Treehouse.

32 inches:  Congrats! You can ride Autopia, as long as you have someone else that                                 is 54″ tall to suffer ride with you.

35 inches:   There’s always Gadget’s Go Coaster 

40 inches:  Your little one can start doing the fun stuff with you, like Big Thunder         Mountain, Space Mountain, Splash Mountain, and Star Tours! No more  lying about those rides being closed …

42 inches:  Now you can escape the Yeti on the Matterhorn Bobsleds!

46 inches:  See what all the fuss is about over at the Indiana Jones Adventure area!  N more Jungle Cruise for you, my friend!

Ride Height Requirements in Disney’s California Adventure:

Any height: Animation Academy, Flik’s Flyers, Francis’ Ladybug Boogie, Games of the Boardwalk, Golden Zephyr, Heimlich’s Chew-Chew Train, It’s Tough to be a Bug, King Triton’s Carousel, The Little Mermaid, Mickey’s Fun Wheel, Monsters Inc., Muppet Vision 3D, Redwood Creek Challenge Trail, Sorcerer’s Workshop, Toy Story Midway Mania, and Turtle Talk with Crush.

32 inches:  Waste time on Luigi’s Flying Tires, or get driven crazy listening to the same 4 bad songs  over (and over, and over) at Mater’s Junkyard Jamboree.  Lucky you …

36 inches:   You can go on the slowest bumper cars ever at Tuck and Rolls Drive ’em      Buggies!

40 inches:  Now we’re talking!  Your little one can step their game up a bit here –                Jumpin’ Jellyfish, Radiator Springs Racers, Silly Symphony Swings (tandem swings only), Soarin’ Over California, and The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror!

42 inches:  Get one foot soaked while the rest of you stays dry on Grizzly River Run,          pretend you are outdoors while actually being outdoors at the Redwood Creek Challenge Trail, or simply fear for your life over at Goofy’s Sky School!

48 inches:  You have a choice between California Screamin’, or single-rider Silly               Symphony Swings.   Gee, what to do, what to do …

Hopefully our giant list of Disney ride height requirements helps on your next journey!

Jacob is quietly contemplating what it means to be tall enough for Space Mountain …


4 Replies to “Disneyland Ride Height Requirements

    1. Hi Amanda! The Cars Land itself is just a walkthrough, so there is no height requirement to take a stroll. The three rides there do, however. Luigi’s Flying Tires and Mater’s Junkyard Jamboree are both 32-inches, while the faster Radiator Springs Racers ride has a 40-inch requirement. I hope this helps. Enjoy your Cars Land trip!

    1. Hi Brenda! Great question! Jason is 6’5″ and he’s never had any problems riding anything safely (he even keeps his hands up on Space Mountain). While Disneyland doesn’t expressly note a maximum height limit (that I’ve seen), I don’t see 6’6″ being an issue on any of the rides. If you’re ever concerned about it, though, I would ask a Cast Member before waiting in line. 😉 ~Taren

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