Disneyland Gumbo Recipe

 The closest Disneyland Gumbo Recipe you will ever find!

Disneyland is known for many things, but not too many that are culinary-related, save for heartburn, maybe.   According to the experts at EarzUp! podcast, the gumbo at Disneyland is quite possibly the best food offering you can find there.  No, Churros don’t count.

In case you haven’t had it, Gumbo is a thicker version of a stew, with loads of vegetables and garlic and whatever else you want to put in there.  Originating in southern Louisiana, it is the perfect food to eat after a meander through New Orleans Square, and makes a nice end-cap to a Pirates of the Caribbean ride.  Take all that goodness and serve it up in a sourdough bread bowl and you have a mighty fine way to take a break and people watch.

Making gumbo at home is fairly simple, but what makes it “Disneyland Official”?  The recipe, of course!  In this episode, we give you the exact Disneyland gumbo recipe used in the park, and it is very, very simple to make.  It’s also really authentic, which is a bonus.  Listen carefully to the ingredients, then make a batch up in your house and tell us how it came out!




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  1. A bit disappointed today to listen to the mocking of a fellow Disneyland/World fan. Sounded to me like someone with a great fondness for Flick and Princess Atta was reaching out to a seemingly sympathetic crowd. Just becuase you aren’t fans of Bugs Life or don’t think she was articulate doesn’t justify criticizing one of your well-meaning fans and alienating this fan in the process.

    1. Understandable. But sometimes our passions overtake our sensibilities, and we do things that should be teased. For example – if that person wanted to be taken seriously, she should have use proper grammar and sentence structure. Also, I doubt that person was a listener, as it was very clearly a form email she sent us. It felt like the shotgun approach of emailing every podcast she could find. She’s ok, we are ok, and you will be ok.

      It was funny, and funny trumps anyones love of Disneyland at any time.

  2. Just saw Flik at WDW in September – guess he still comes out when the weather is right. — Unrelated: when we took the Walk in Walt’s Footsteps tour our guide mentioned that Walt bought the stump as gift for Lillian, and she donated it to Disneyland XD.

    Slowly making my way through this archive.

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