Disneyland For All Age Groups

If you are like us, you have friends who have children of various age groups, and not all of them know what they can do in the park with their little ones.  So we have put together a list of things to do in …

Disneyland For All Age Groups!

Is it pointless to bring your 1 year old to Disneyland? Is there anything for grandma and grandpa to do? What about your teenager, will they hate it?

On this episode we answer these questions and more when we discuss what you should (or shouldn’t) do with different age groups at Disneyland. We also give some tips about how to make most of your trip, such as:

Babies: they’re FREE!, pack light, don’t be afraid to take breaks, buy Mickey Ears! 

Toddlers/Small Kids: Ride the Dark Rides, be patient, Jedi Academy, buy a silhouette 

Young Adults: Relive your Childhood, Drink at Carthay, Take the tours, buy another silhouette 

Grandparents: Mr. Lincoln, Flag Retreat, Disneyland Railroad!, help with the grandkids!

Plus feedback from a Not Greg, and Terrence reveals a terrible secret about one of his friends and Disneyland …

Is Disneyland for all age groups?  We think so!  And before you bring your little one around, check out our list of ride height requirements and hopefully avoid any small children going nuclear.

Looking for something to do at Disneyland with your toddler?

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