Disneyland Food Hack: Chicken and Waffles

On his last trip to The Parks, our resident Lover of Food Terrence might have just created something amazing here, with his first Disneyland Food Hack: Chicken and Waffles! We’ll let him explain … 

Disneyland Food Hack: Chicken and Waffles

Imagination is what built Disneyland. Think about it: a 53-year-old man opened a theme park that is built around fictional characters that range from rodents to 8-foot-tall dogs. The rides at the park try their hardest to convince you that you are flying through space, shooting aliens, or even careening through ancient ruins…and we go along with it all. Why? Because Disneyland, and life in general, is boring without imagination. Then why is it that our imagination ends when it is time for a meal? We tend to go to the same restaurant and order the same thing that we had on the last trip.  Isn’t that boring? Well, I thought so as well, and on this trip I was determined to try to have a little fun with my food.

I decided that I would try to eat at Disneyland Resort restaurants that I had not frequented in the past. After searching through the Disneyland app, I saw that the Stage Door Cafe (next door to the Golden Horseshoe). After a little perusing of the menu, I saw that there were some good entrees and appetizers, but there were two that had the potential to be a match made in heaven: Chicken Breast Nuggets ($9.99) and Funnel Cakes ($7.49). Somewhere in the back of my gut, these two items clicked, and I knew I had to combine them into my own personal Disneyland food hack: Chicken and Waffles!

Now, I will not lie to you, I became very excited about the possibility of enjoying this combination, but I was also worried that I would not get the combination correct. After a little research, I found that there are three different flavors of funnel cake (strawberry, chocolate, and plain) as well as three different dipping sauces for the nuggets (buffalo sauce, ranch, and honey mustard). Since this was a flavor combo that is very much off-menu, each item had to be ordered separately. In order to get the correct balance of sweet and spicy, I decided to go with the Strawberry Funnel Cake (without the bits of strawberry that normally comes on top) and Buffalo Sauce for the Chicken Nuggets. The Funnel Cake acted as the “waffle” base, and I piled the rather generous portion of Nuggets on top. I then poured the Buffalo Sauce on top of said Nuggets. The result: my first Disneyland Food Hack, turning two tasty items into the ultimate food: Chicken and Waffles.

I would give it a 7.5 out of 10, because, while it does a great job at providing you with a sweat/spicy combo, it isn’t REALLY Chicken and Waffles. More like Cake and Waffles, I guess. The biggest drawback, though, was that the Chicken Nuggets were fried a little too crispy. Maybe it was that one time, maybe they are always that crispy, I’m not sure … but you know I’ll find out!

Besides that, I would definitely recommend that you try this filling treat. If you do, please let me know how it was in the comments!


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