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Sometimes the rumor mill cranks so fast that we don’t have time to report on it – which is a good thing in this case.

Last week the popular blog MiceChat had  an interesting article on the huge shakeout at Disneyland, revolving around an emergency full-stop order for Imagineering to stop all work on any and all small projects for all parks – including work for the 60th Anniversary.  You can read the full article here.  It’s long, but really interesting.  Basically, all the Disneyland construction rumors have been put to rest.

Will this Canadian ever see Star Wars Land?
Will this Canadian ever see Star Wars Land?

The most important bits of the article were about the proposed and long rumored Star Wars land that we talked about on our last show.  In case you missed it, WDI was supposed to be planning an entire land based on Star Wars, with rides and meet-n-greets  – the whole deal – within Tomorrowland.  Needless to say this would be a terrible thing.  Tomorrowland may not deal with the tech of tomorrow any longer, but it is deeply rooted in Disneyland history, and it’s removal would make the park seem less … magical.

Today I got word from a few people within Disney that much of the MiceChat article is still rumor.  Imagineering in Anaheim is treating the reports of Bob Iger (chief executive at Disney) halting any and all projects as rumor.  Meaning they haven’t been told this information yet, and are still going ahead with their scheduled work.  Some of the work on the Alice in Wonderland re-vamp has been scaled back, but most of the reports in the MiceChat article still seem to be rumor at this point.  The Star Wars land is another story.  That project has indeed been put on hold, but more interesting to me is the real focus of a Star Wars-themed area – as static, atmosphere stuff only.  No rides.  The rumor mill has been churning out some old info as far as the Speederbike ride taking over the Submarine ride and Autopia, but that talk ended in the ’90’s, as far as I have been able to find.

Fascinating, right?  It seems like nobody really knows what’s going on, but I’d assume that if there was an emergency meeting with Bob Iger, and the outcome of that meeting was the pushing of that comically huge “Stop” button on any work, that message would have been delivered by now.

Read that MiceChat article, and tell us what you think!

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