Disneyland By The Numbers

We all understand how large a place Disneyland is, but we’ve never heard just what it takes to keep a huge operation like this up and running.  Today, Taren dives into ..

Disneyland By The Numbers

But first …

Taren, Jason, and Beverly get excited for their upcoming trip to Disneyland – 5 days in the Magic Kingdom!  Of course, Terrence was supposed to come along, but once again his real life got in the way of his magical one.

We received some great feedback from a listener over on iTunes asking for us to crank out a show a week!  While an amazing and heart-warming request, it’s pretty much impossible for us to pull off .  Sorry!

Beverly explains her new workout routine, which just constitutes laughing a lot and calling it good, and then we get into the heart of the show – Disneyland By The Numbers – what it takes to keep Disneyland running.  Pay close attention, because Taren actually invents an entire unit of measure in this show, one that we pretty much beat to death moving on.

A little Disney News, and that’s a show!

Our Disneyland By The Numbers show is better than a selfie of a selfie …



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