Disneyland Buttons

If your next visit to Disneyland is your 1st or your 31st, everyone wants to get more of those special Disneyland buttons!  Don’t deny it – it’s true.  After all, it’s one of the many ways you can feel special while walking around the parks.  So if flare is your thing, let us help you collect all of the …

Disneyland Buttons

As of this posting there are seven buttons that you can ask for year-round at Disneyland.  While there are some special buttons that get released every now and then (the most recent were a few years ago), these seven are what’s available currently … and what you have to do to get them!

The best place to get your Disneyland buttons is from City Hall on Main Street, just to the left of the Firehouse (and Walt Disney’s apartment).  Sure, you can ask the lady at the little podium there for your button, but it’s so much nicer of an experience to wait in line – yes, there is usually a line – and walk into City Hall.  It’s a great opportunity to see inside one of the most over-looked buildings in Disneyland.  However, if you don’t care about where they come from, you can get Disneyland buttons from the Customer Service kiosk at the main entrance to the parks, just before the security line (where the shuttle drop-off is), and as of two days ago, there is a podium in DCA, right near California Screamin’, but this might just be due to the enormous crowds generated during the holidays.

Happy Anniversary

Same as the Happy Birthday button – you don’t need to prove it, just go in and ask for it.

Honorary Citizen

You’ll mainly see this on kids, but some adults have this, too.  We have heard a few ways of getting this button, like if a Cast Member sees you picking up trash or helping another guest out, you can receive this honor.  The folks we have talked to say that usually if a child answers a couple basic “trivia” questions, that’s good enough.  Things like, “Where are we right now?”, and “What’s your favorite Disney Character?” are all it takes to prove your citizenship!

Happily Ever After

This button replaced the “Just Engaged” button, and is the precursor to the “Just Married” button.

Just Graduated

You did it!  And what better way to celebrate than with a trip to Disneyland – and a Disneyland button!

1st Visit

Possible the best of the Disneyland Buttons.  When we see kids and adults with this button on, it means they are having the time of their lives.  Really, it just makes us smile.  If you are going to Disneyland for the first time, you have to grab this button!

I’m Celebrating

For those of you helping anyone in your group to celebrate anything – some personal achievement, graduation, birthday – ask for this pin and show your support!

And last but surely not least …

Happy Birthday

It’s your birthday?  Sort of near your birthday?  Months after your birthday?  Then ask for a birthday button!  You don’t have to prove that today is in fact your actual birthday, it’s just assumed that either you are telling the truth, or that you are celebrating your birthday at Disneyland, regardless of how long ago it was.

Bonus: most every Cast Member (and even some park guests) will tell you “Happy Birthday” when they see your button on.  It’s a great feeling, and just a bit of that Disney magic.

Just some of the great Disneyland buttons you can get!



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