Disney Weddings

Weddings are tough to plan, and even tougher to execute.  A lot of cash is spent on places and services that offer up an easy time on your Big Day, and where there’s cash to be had, you can find The Mouse.  Today is all about the glamor and unexpected awesomeness of …

Disney Weddings

But first …

Jason shaves his beard but leaves his terrible moustache, and everyone in the world lets him know about it.  Terrence talks about how he’s failing at doing his Bambi review for our Disney Animated Classics reviews, but swears it won’t end up in the Drafts folder like Jasons’ Fantasia review has.

We get a recap from Bev on her recent trip to Disneyland, including her ride of Luigi’s Rollicking Roadsters.

Terrence has some friends who were looking for a Disney Wedding, and through a series of fortunate events, got the wedding they didn’t know they were looking for.   We chat with them about not only Disney Weddings in general, but how they got so lucky with their ceremony and reception, and get a few tips for those of you out there who may be interested in your own Disney wedding.

Then we bring our pal Jeremy from SpectroRadio back for another segment of SpectroMagic, we do some Disney News, rattle off a Fact of the Show, and that’s it.

See you in the parks!

Very cool touch!
The happy couple, surrounded by classic Haunted Mansion vegetation!
Check out that centerpiece!
The actual suit of armor from the Haunted Mansion!


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