Disney and the Rides That Never Were

Through the years, Disney has created some (if not all) of the most memorable rides and attractions in theme park history.  But like any entertainment juggernaut, there is always room for ideas to improve, and sometimes that means cutting them all together.   Today we talk about …

Disney and the Rides That Never Were

But first …

We run through some feedback where we debate if the SD zoo is the same as Disneyland.  Then a rousing segment of Taren’s Thinks.   We talk to Dan from Mousebrew about the latest and greatest in DCA drinks-wise, which pretty much means Cove Bar!

After Dan, Terrence turns back the clock to tell us about the Disney rides that never were built – and not just in the parks!

Some real quick Disney News, then the Fact of the Show , which centers around a very angry duck, and then we leave.

See you in the parks!

A Disney park in Virginia? Yep, concept art and all!



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