How Disney Prepares For Disasters

While the odds are very, very low, it’s possible that something bad will happen at a Disney Park near you – maybe even while you are visiting.  Our friend Miles was at Walt Disney World during Hurricane Irma, so today we are talking to him to find out …

How Disney Prepares for Disasters

But first …

The show got off to an odd start, as our cats decided to have a full-on fight in the other room. We cut most of the pause out of the actual show, but the long version is on the video below if you want to watch an empty studio for some reason. If you listen closely you can hear both cat howls!

Then we get Miles on the line. Miles, you might remember, was on our Modeling Disney show awhile back, and just happened to be in Walt Disney World when Hurricane Irma hit. We followed his progress at the resort via his Facebook updates, and after he made it back safely, we wanted to know just how Disney prepared for something like a Cat 5 hurricane.

Afterwards, Terrence puts together a little information on how Disneyland would handle an emergency. Obviously we don’t get hurricanes out here, but we do have earthquakes!

Fact of the Show, and we are done.

See you in the Parks!


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