Disney Auctions at the Van Eaton Gallery

Disney is a place that is always changing.  Posters get replaced, ride cars get re-designed, costumes get updated.  But the old stuff has to go someplace, right?  We get to learn where and how these relics of Disney’s past get into the hands of regular people like us, for today, we talk all about …

Disney Auctions at the Van Eaton Gallery

But first …

Bev thinks Disney has too much money because she has seen people throw paper money into the water.

We get this show moving pretty quickly and shift our normal business to the end of the show, because we want to get to Mike Van Eaton, who runs Van Eaton galleries.  Mike puts on what is considered the best Disney auction, and he has items in his collection that will blow you away.

Chatting with Mike about some of these pieces was really fun, because you can hear his passion for the parks and the history these pieces represent.  We also get into what we should be looking for in today’s Disney collectible market and what will increase in value.

After Mike, we head back to the beginning of the show and do some feedback.  Jason responds to a previous listener Cliff who commented on our last show about how Jason and Taren bashed Walt Disney World (which wasn’t the case but whatever).

Taren’s Thinks for this show is pretty good if you are in to diet gum.  Oddly enough, Terrence agrees with her.

Bev jumps in to her window presentation on Roger Broggie, who was in charge of the train system in Disneyland, among other things.  Then we fire off a gassy Fact of the Show, and that’s it!

See you in the parks!


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