Is DCA Better Than Disneyland?

Is DCA better than Disneyland?  Not if you know what’s good for you …

Terrence threw this statement out on another show, and it sort of turned our whole world topsy-turvy: “I think DCA is better than Disneyland”.

Let that sink in … this man thinks California Adventure is better – better – than Disneyland!   That notion has never even crossed my mind before, not to mention passed through my lips.  So we made Terrence prove it on this show.

Check out this show and pay close attention to the points Terrence brings up to make his case. Did he sell you?  Is DCA better than Disneyland?  Let us know in the comments below!

This man just started to agree with Terrence.  His baby is making sure that doesn't happen again ... Don't be this man.
This man just started to agree with Terrence.  That’s when his baby made sure that doesn’t happen again.  Don’t be this man.

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