Cultivating the Magic Tour Review

The magic at Disneyland is everywhere – including the plant-life!  Today, we run you through another tour at the park … it’s the –

Cultivating The Magic Tour Review

But first, we have some special feedback on this show.  After our spotlight on Club 33 a few shows back, a few listeners wrote in to clarify a few things that we were incorrect about, such as membership requirements and guest limits.  In the interest of passing along correct information, we run through the feedback for you.

Then it’s tour time!  Taren and Jason took the Cultivating the Magic tour, and give you the info you need to decide for yourself if it’s worth the $49 price tag.  We did learn some pretty neat things about the park plant life, like there are over 800 different species of plants in Disneyland, and the flowers on Main Street get replaced about every 6 weeks.

We got to walk on to The Jungle Cruise, where we learned about Bill Evans, who was the horticulturist for Walt and for the park.  Bill designed the plants within The Jungle Cruise to represent the various jungles that helped to inspire the ride.  At one point, he took some orange trees that were still on the land and turned them upside-down so that their large root systems were sticking out of the water to look like old jungle vines.  There is only one of these trees left in the ride, and here it is:

Not a jungle vine!
Not a jungle vine!

Since this was our first show broadcast LIVE over on our brand new Livestream page, we were able to do a live game of Disneyland Trivia that Jason cooked up.  We got three live listeners on the phones, and they played to win a really awesome painted skull, hand-made by our good friend Push Eject.  Not just any skull, this was sculpted after those creepy Nightmare Before Christmas ones in The Haunted Mansion!  Push has them for sale, so please swing by his Etsy page and grab some while you still can.


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