Club 33 Opening Day Setup

Today was the opening day of the new Club 33.  For better or for worse, the club of Walt’s dreams is gone and we are left with a very different (but still just as exclusive) members-only dining area.

Mickey Mouse was on hand to cut the ribbon and declare Club 33 open.  Just beyond the stained glass doors, you can see the staircase leading up to the club.  There are lots of opinions around the design of these doors, and while I do think they are a bit underwhelming, it was a nice thought and will still be cool to see in person.



Also on display were some photo collages of the in-house shots taken over the last few days.  The show the dining rooms all set up nice and neat, just waiting for your order of Chateaubriand!  Wait …





And finally, here is a cool photo of a chandelier from inside the club.  Just because.



Seeing these – and other photos – of the new Club 33, I do get the sense that the design has shifted from the darkened wood of Walt’s vision and has become much softer.  The influence seems more French than New Orleans proper, which I suppose makes a bit of sense, in some small way.  Regardless, I would gladly accompany you to this new version of Club 33 anytime!


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