Cleaning the Kingdom

Disneyland is known for many things, mainly it’s cleanliness.  Today we had the opportunity to speak with two former Disneyland Custodial cast members about their new book …

Cleaning the Kingdom

But first …

Jason has yet another rough intro, but we are sure you are used to it by now.  Maybe.

After some technical issues which Jason finally overcomes, we get our guests on the show – Lynn and Ken who authored a book called “Cleaning the Kingdom“. It’s a really interesting look behind-the-scenes at what it takes to keep our favorite place sparkling.

We talk about restroom theming, finding  trash in odd places, building the custodial department, favorite places to work in the park, and even some gross stories – tons of great info, and we can’t recommend their book enough!

Then our friends Matt and Leanne unexpectedly stopped by the studio to talk a bit about their recent trip to Disneyland.

We read some feedback about our upcoming trip to Walt Disney World, which was a great recommendation to a restaurant that … is already booked.  Oh well.

A ripping segment of “Taren’s Thinks”, then the Fact of the Show, and we are gone.

See you in the parks!


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