Character Dining at Disneyland

Disneyland has loads of dining options – some good, some not.  But what about when it comes to their character dining options?  Terrence and Bev give us the rundown on everything you need to take on …

Character Dining at Disneyland

But first …

We recorded this show early on a Saturday, and it shows.  Jason’s voice is scruffy and we are all a bit overly chatty in the beginning.  We also had some issues with Terrence’s mic, which is why he sounds like he’s 8 miles away.  It was an odd morning, for sure.

Terrence talks about how dramatic his kid Tommy is, then we jump into a bit of Feedback before the insightful social commentary that is “Taren’s Thinks”.

Then we jump into Character Dining at Disneyland with Terrence and sort of Bev.  We get the full rundown of all options available draw upon their experiences to determine if  the high-cost is worth it.

We continue with our Main Street Window rundown with Taren, Disney News is next, then the Fact of the Show, and that’s it!


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  1. Hey gang. We are going to Disney in March and I’m wondering if any of you have heard anything about the value of the Paint the Night Parade dining packages. I am most interested in whether the assigned seating you get is worth paying extra for dinner. I’ve been searching for reviews and have not really come across anything yet.

    Thanks in advance! We love the show. My teenager especially likes “Taryn’s Things” She totally relates.

    1. Hi Carey,

      Thanks for the comment, and for listening! We have not experience that specific package before, but I did post you question to Twitter, so hopefully other folks will chime in and get you at least a baseline for figuring all that out. I’ll keep you posted!

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