Can Changes At Disneyland Be A Good Thing?

 Change happens, but are changes at Disneyland a good thing?

Change is good – the changing seasons, growing up, making different friends; even destructive events, such as fire, can bring about a good change.  But does this hold true for the changes at Disneyland?  With the coming Winter, the park transforms into a winter wonderland – new shows, new effects, new decorations abound.  On this show, we jump into some of the new changes at Disneyland that have already been made, mainly to the Jungle Cruise and to the coffee shop on Main Street, and we also turn the rumor mill with some internet hear-say of a few upcoming renovations to Disneyland.

Plus, in our Little Known Fact of the Show, we break apart the mystery of the Disney Family crest, above Sleeping Beauty’s castle – is it real, is it fake?  Come and find out!

The last great coffee cup ...
The last great coffee cup …

4 Replies to “Can Changes At Disneyland Be A Good Thing?

  1. Great Episode! I’m sitting here with my mouth agape knowing that they digitized the stretch room ceiling for NBC. Does this mean changes to the regular stretch room too? Now I’m wishing I had an annual pass.

    1. Thanks Greg! Hopefully not, as we really like the stretchy room as it is. But the imaging of the steeple, for lack of a better term, is really neet. It’s actually more clear – you can see the Ghost Host pretty well this way.

  2. Taren and I are in 100% agreement about the holiday layovers. They are fun. And yes, they should do a Big Thunder Holiday overlay. Yes Yes and Yes.

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