Breaking News: Muppets 3-D gets the Frozen Axe

This just in from DCA – The Muppets 3-D show in DCA has been shut down permanently, to be replaced by a Frozen stage show.  Crews were already working hard this morning, pulling the satirically elegant Muppets figures from the inside of the theater, gutting the waiting areas inside, and building a stage over the penguin orchestra pit.

Here are the first photos of this sweeping Frozen overlay Disney is doing now. Rumor has it that this closure was not even announced to staff and maintenance workers, some of whom were interrupted from their task of painting the metal railings in the queue by the cranes removing Muppet signage.

The Frozen stage show will be up and running sometime in mid-December and will not be permanent, however the Muppets slaughter will be.

It’s sad for us, because the Muppets 3-D show was perhaps the funniest attraction in DCA – perhaps even Disneyland.  It was one we hit all the time, and a highly recommended-by-us show.  But this is what happens when an attraction ceases to do it’s job and attract.

This stage will be the same one the performers work on – the orchestra pit doesn’t seem to be prepped for demo.
Sadness …
Fozzie is happy for some time off, but not this much! Wokka Wokka!
The big wall behind the projection screen may or may not stay.
You can see some of the scaffolding up there – house lights on.
The waiting area. In our opinion the best themed waiting area in DCA.
Gonzo looks shocked … but I guess he always looks like that.
That’s all, folks!




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