Behind The Scenes of Disney Imagineering

It’s no secret that Disney takes a long, LONG time to make any changes in the Parks, and with good reason – it takes many people to get those wheels of change turning.  Today, Kyle is back to tell us just what is involved in getting those wheels moving, as we go …

Behind The Scenes of Disney Imagineering

But first …

We start the show somehow talking about Beyonce and her weird pregnancy announcement photo.  Then we had Bev talk about the Three Caballeros that she watched for our Disney Animated Classics Review.  After a jump into some Feedback, we get Kyle on the mic to chat with us about what it takes to bring a Disney attraction to life.

Then some Disney News, a Fact of the Show, and we gone!

See you in the Parks!

Yes, we eve talk about EPCOT in this show!






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  1. So awesome! I recently discovered this podcast, it is great. I especially enjoyed this behind the scenes of imagineering episode,,,keep em coming!

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