Friends of EarzUp!

Show your support for the folks who help support us!  These are just a few of the great people that help to make the show what it is, in one way or another, and they deserve a look.

Lulu Gumshoe

AKA Marili Ramirez is a long-time friend who just happens to be an awesome freelance artist.  She helped bring our Churro Shirts, Turkey Leg Shirts, and our social club stuff come to life.  She has a cute shirt over at TeePublic, so if you are into beer at all, check it out and pick one up, and be sure to thoroughly investigate her other artwork and numerous cat photos over on her Instagram page.

Push Eject

AKA Charlie Essers is the man behind all of our pre-recorded intros.  He does audio and video work, and does it very well.  He is also a huge fan of Halloween, and together with his two girls, has a small shop on Etsy.  Check it out!


AKA SpectroJeremy, as we like to call him, is the master of Disney audio over at, where he runs an incredible radio station 24/7.  Not only is it packed full of great Disney audio gems, but he throws EarzUp! Podcast into the rotation as well!  If you are in the mood for some Disney to brighten your day, this is the place to go.

Pink Bunny

Pink is a little stuffed bunny, and she’s amazing!  A huge Disney fan with a heart of gold stuffing, she makes tiny maps of all the holiday treats you can find at Disneyland, among other virtues.  It’s always good to see her, so if you are on Twitter and want to follow the adventures of a cute and soft bunny, throw her a follow!

Miles Wilhelm

Miles was a guest on our Modeling Disney show, and he was a hit.  He is now taking his 3-D renderings of the Parks and printing them out as blueprints!  Check them out here, they are amazing!

Anthony Buell

AKA The Ronin Cosplay.   Anthony is Jason’s nephew and our resident Marvel expert, who never fails to catch us up on the latest Marvel movie news and what to expect going forward in the ever-expanding Marvel movie universe.  When he’s not on the air with us, Anthony does some amazing cosplay, so be sure to follow him and all of his adventures.  Plus, we call him “Kanye”, and that’s just fun.

Brett Schoenwald

Brett is a lot of things, but we know him best as a photographer that roams the Parks snapping some amazing stuff.  We’ve started offering some of his art as rewards for our Patreon supporters, but if you want to purchase large-format prints (and you should), check out his work here!

Kyle Sherman

We have interviewed Kyle before on the show, and he mentioned that he loves taking photos at the Disney parks.  Like Brett, Kyle was kind enough to let us offer some of his work as a Patreon reward – Thanks Kyle!  You can browse his photos here.