About Us:

EarzUp! is a podcast about Disneyland and the surrounding areas including Disney California Adventure, Downtown Disney, and wherever else the park spills into.

Our show is about maximizing your experiences at Disneyland, and hopefully showing you things you may know have known before; part suggestion, part opinion – we aim to give you our thoughts on how to make the most of your vacation, based on our years of enjoying the parks.  Where to go, how to get there, and all the Disney magic in between!

Our Hosts:

Jason Petros

Jason PetrosJason, or JP as he’s known, has been going to Disneyland regularly for the past several years.  Annual Passholder and self-proclaimed crowd-hater, Jason likes to find the best times and ways around all the crowds, and to shame any Ducks fans he sees (Go Sharks!)


Terrence Green

terrence_churroThe only family man of the group, Terrence has the “traveling with kids” point-of-view, and provides us with insight into what it means to run after small children while holding a churro.  Or four.



Taren Petros

TarenTaren thinks there needs to be a woman’s voice on the show, and she is it.  We tried to tell her princesses transcend gender, but she was too busy kissing frogs to notice.



Beverly Moore

Screen Shot 2015-12-11 at 3.07.32 PMBev is our latest addition to the EarzUp team.   Together with her daughter Abby and her husband Sam, Bev likes to hit the park in search of the worst possible thing to eat – corn dogs, churros – you name it, Bev wants it!


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