A Road Trip To Disneyland

Well, this is it – the official Night Before The Road Trip To Disneyland.  You know the drill – scrambling to do that last load of laundry, while trying to cook a dinner that won’t result in moldy leftovers when you get home.  The electricity of the air over your soon-to-be-had adventures, and the weight of that terrible 6-hour BeastDrive down Highway 5.  Ok, so maybe that last one is just for us up in the Bay Area, but still … it’s always hard to get everything done in your regular day, much less plan for an extended trip.  I’m not sure how business-people who travel all the time do it.  Traveling, for some reason, takes it right out of you.  Good thing we are going to Disneyland and not some Pork Convention in the Midwest.  Oh … dinner idea!

This will be our first trip to Disneyland in an official podcast capacity.  Photos will be taken and notes will be scribbled, so we can bring you our experiences at Dapper Day.  Terrence will not be joining us, as he feels time with his family is more important than this podcast that hasn’t even been recorded yet.  Whatever.

Keep up with us on Twitter (@EarzUp) while we are hanging out at the park for the next 4 days, and we hope to get into the studio shortly after our return.

Thanks for getting this far and, as always, keep your Earz UP!


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