50 Years of It’s A Small World

It was in 1963 that Pepsi-Cola approached Walt Disney and asked him to create a special exhibit for the coming World’s Fair in New York the next year.  The “little boat ride” Walt created would be shifted over to Disneyland and later become the ride we all know and love (sort of) … “It’s A Small World”.

For the 50th anniversary of the 1964 Worlds Fair, “Good Morning America” was at the park today, shooting some backstage footage for an upcoming special on “Small World”.  As part of the presentation, Cast Members were busy preparing a few figures to be shipped to New York.

Here are some pics of the figures before the crew arrived.  You can see the little motors and mechanisms that bring the children to life on the ride.  We aren’t sure how these will play into the piece when it goes to air, but it’s really neat to see some of the “guts”  (AKA “magic”) of Disneyland.   Pretty cool!

small_world_2 small_world_1


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