23 Things You Might Have Missed In Disneyland

The details of Disneyland are what make it such a special place.  From the perfectly manicured shrubbery to the period-correct buildings of Main Street, Disneyland seeks to whisk you into a magical land where all of your worries are gone and you believe that dreams really can come true.  Like any good magician, there are slight-of-hand tricks happening right before your very eyes.  For all of obvious audio and visual cues throughout the park, there are hundreds, literally, thousands that you may have overlooked until now.  Take a look at these  23 Things you Might Have Missed In Disneyland and see if you can spot these, or any new ones, on your next trip.
1) Squirrel Gargoyles

Sleeping Beauty’s castle is a nod to the movie as well as Fantasyland’s original medieval theme.  One of the major features of castles of that time were gargoyles that doubled as downspouts and decorations.  Since gargoyles are not very “Disney-esque” it was decided to have squirrel figures take the place of the gargoyles.

squirrel downspout copy
2) Golden Apple
There is a poison apple (made out of gold) in the queue for Snow White’s Scary Adventure in Fantasyland.  The apple is rigged to trigger the Evil Queen’s laughter and thunder crashing
apple and book
3) Spying Queen
There is a large window above the queue for Snow White’s Scary Adventures in Fantasyland. Every 4-5 minutes you can see the Queen open the window over the queue and look out upon the crowds. queen copy
 4) 3 fingered T-rex
The Disneyland Railroad is the home to the Primeval World diorama that contains a T-Rex with 3 fingers.  Walt thought that it looked better even though science shows the T-Rex with 2 fingers and the Imagineers went along with it because…he’s Walt.
5) Lost Parents
Have you lost your kids in the park?  Well, head over to City Hall. To ensure that everyone realizes that Disneyland is a children’s place, the sign at City Hall reads “Lost Parents” instead of lost kids.
lost parents copy
6) Tilly
The Main Street Cinema employees Tilly as its ticket taker.  She has never missed a day of work even though she has the most boring job in the world…because there are no tickets to take.  Look carefully at her name tag and you will see that she hails from Marcelline, Missouri which was Walt’s boyhood home.
tilly copy
7) Mustache Mona Lisa
Pinocchio’s Daring Adventures has a mustachioed picture of Mona Lisa in the pile of loot on Pleasure Island.
mona lisa copy
8 – 9) Weather Vanes
While you’re contemplating a  60 min. wait  for Peter Pan’s Flight, look above the ride itself to spot two attraction-specific weather vanes (the Tick-Tock Croc and Captain Hook’s ship).  Also, look above Aladdin’s Oasis next time you are in Adventureland and you’ll see a replica of Genie’s Lamp!
croc copy

ship copy

10) Sherlock and the Constable
Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride contains a silhouette of Sherlock Holmes in a window during the London scene.
sherlock copy
11) Croc, Hook, Schmee
The Bippity Boppity Boutique in Fantasyland  has a crocodile, Hook, and Mr Smee carved into the wood above the entrance.  Hopefully these will make you smile before you spend $300 to make your little girl into a princess.
heads copy
12) Popcorn Turners
Found on Main Street  near the Tomorrowland entrance.  There are loads of these all around the park, like the Rocketeer popcorn turner (I like the popcorn turner more than the movie) in Tomorrowland, the Dapper Dan popcorn turner found on Main Street near the Carnation Cafe, the Train Conductor popcorn turner near the Toontown Railroad Station, or the Yeti popcorn turner outside of the Matterhorn.
clown turner copy
 Look for Oogie Boogie at the popcorn cart outside the Haunted Mansion during its Nightmare before Christmas layover.
oogie copy
13) Eeyore
In the projector room of Indiana Jones’ Adventure, they placed a sign from the Eeyore parking lot (which was removed for the ride.)  Ask a cast member to point it out as you exit the room.
eeyore close copy
14) Walt and Roy
Walt and Roy’s initials are formed into the iron railing in front of Disney’s Dream Suite in New Orleans Square.
dream suite copy
15) Sails and Mast
There is a mast and (sometimes) sails signifying an incoming ship into the Port of New Orleans.  They are difficult to see, but look down the alley and above the Pieces of Eight store and you may get a glimpse.
sails and mast copy
16) Morse Code Broadcast
The telegraph station at the New Orleans Square Railroad Station broadcasts the first portion of Walt’s opening day speech in Morse code.
train station copy
17) Mineral Hall
There is a window with the inscription “Mineral Window” above Rancho de Zocalo.  It is in honor of the Mineral Hall that was in Adventureland from 1956-1963.
mineral hall copy
18) Moose and Co.
As you exit the Heffalump and Woozle room on the Many Adventures of Winne the Pooh , look back and you’ll see 3 mounted heads (Max, Buff, and Melvin) from the Country Bear Jamboree.
bears copy
 19) Route 55

The “freeway” on which you drive  on Autopia is Route 55 in honor of the year that Disneyland opened.



20) Lead Horse
Look for Jingles (the lead horse which as dedicated to Julie Andrews) on the carousel in Fantasyland.  Ask a cast member to show you and recreate the famous scene from Mary Poppins.
jingles copy
21) Cheshire Mirror
There is a mirror directly behind the register in the Mad Hatter shop that has a figure of the caterpillar on it.  Every couple of minutes the Cheshire cat appears in the mirror.
22) When you wish
Stand in the archway of Sleeping Beauty’s castle and you’ll hear “When You Wish Upon a Star.”
23) Oldest tree
Look for the Dominguez tree.  This is a Canary Island date tree.  This is the oldest thing in the entire park, and this tree was on the existing farm that was purchased to make Disneyland.  It is located between the Jungle Cruise and Indiana Jones’ Adventure.
tree copy
How many did you notice last time you were at Disneyland?

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